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War met the two men once.
One was a pilot of the invisible F-117A,
the other the missile officer that shot him down.
Their first meeting was on the radar.
Dale Zelko and Zoltan Dani decided to meet each other 12 years later.
A human story of a unique encounter.

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The 21st Second

Zoltan Dani commanded the Serbian army unit that did 'the impossible' - shooting down the pride of the USAF, the F-117 Stealth fighter.
This is his untold account - a war story,
a spy story
and the human drama of a man returning to his family.

Duration 56 min.

Script and director: Željko Mirković
Executive production: Polka Dot
Director of photography: Darko Ković
Producer: Željko Mirković
Executive producer: Darko Ković
Composer: Lajko Felix
Editor: Darko Ković
Sound desing: Goran Štifanić

Supported by

Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia and Serbian Film Center
Culture Department Province of Vojvodina
City of Nis- Culture Department
GO Medijana, Niš
GO Pantelej, Niš
City of Ruma
City of Kovin
Production Partner: MarkZ
Internacional partner: Hywel Jones,
Archive: RTS, Zastava film, Slaviša Golubović, Milorad Ristić
Music performans: Brasnyo Antal: Lajko Felix

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